Don’t Hurt your Memory

memory3Did you know that there are day-to-day activities that could harm your memory health? Although it is unavoidable that you will need new antioxidant supplements to boost your memory at a certain age, it is still important that you know how to keep your memory at its best by staying away from what could keep it at risk.

Steer Clear from Sugar

Sugar is a memory-damaging ingredient. It’s one more reason to avoid it as much as you can. If you consume too much soda and flavored drinks, you might be impairing your memory with every sip and would make you need new antioxidant supplements earlier.

According to research, sugar affects the ability of the brain to learn and retain information. If your sweet tooth cannot be stopped, opt for natural sources such as fruits. Either that or you eat your sweets along with an omega 3 fatty acids enriched food such as salmon and walnuts. It has been found that such food could minimize the damaging effects of fructose to the brain. They almost have the same effect as the new antioxidant supplements available.

Stop Tofu Bingeing

We all know tofu as a health food but it could be detrimental to your memory if you consume over two servings per day. This means, you really do not have to stop eating tofu altogether. But, just like with anything, too much could be harmful. You can eat tofu but do so in moderation.

Late-Night Pantry Raid

Late night snacking can do harm to your health more than you know. Apart from packing up calories when your body is ready to rest, it could also harm your memory. For one, it could disrupt your sleep pattern. For another, it could dull certain functions of your brain, remembering information included.

Succumbing to Stress

If you allow yourself to surrender on the amount of stress that comes to you regularly, even from the simplest of situations such as the difficult daily commute, it will get to your nerves and damage your memory. You need to learn to handle stress not just to increase memory but also to be healthy all around.

Staying Single

Believe it or not, it has been found that marriage and memory health has some form of positive connection. That means you will need just a slight memory booster if you are happily married with dates and places and occasions to keep track on.

Be on top of your memory health. Apart from avoiding activities that could harm your memory, you must also learn the ways and means you can improve it with little help.

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