Eat Well on a Budget

Who says eating a healthy diet is expensive? If you are smart enough, you will not have to spend that much. Take a cue from these tips:

  1. Plan your meals

eat_healthyPlanning is key if you want to stick to a healthy diet and not spend a lot. When you plan your menu for a specific period, you will be able to organize your grocery shopping list and clean it with unnecessary items. That will save you a lot, and we mean a lot.

  1. Prepare your own food

Cooking your own food is a great money-saver. It is also one of the best ways to ensure that your intake is within the healthy limits. That makes it all the more ideal. When you get down to the kitchen to make your meal, you will be able to choose what suits your taste, your budget, and your diet regime.

  1. Buy fresh and local ingredients

Visiting your local farmer’s market is a great idea if you are leaning towards eating healthy on a tight budget. Fresh produce is fresh, very healthy, and most of all, cheap, especially if you are picking those that are in season. If you found a good deal, buy in bulk. You can freeze fresh fruits and vegetables to lengthen their lifespan.

  1. Buy in bulk

Good deals on bulk items are not only available in the local market. There are also lots of them on the grocery, too. Whole grains like oats are often offered with price cuts. If you find one, buy a good amount of stock to last you for many days and keep your intake low-budget.

  1. Keep your fridge and your pantry well organized

When you do, you will have a good glimpse of what might be wasted if you do not move the stock. This trick to healthy eating will help you minimize your food wastes and keep your shopping list in order.

  1. Give your leftovers a makeover

Do not wait until your leftovers are spoiled before having a hand. You can repurpose your leftovers and use them for an entirely different recipe without beating their healthy principle.

  1. Make a list and stick to it

Impulsive buying is bad both for your health and your purse. Before stepping out to shop, make sure to have a list with you and do not part with it.

  1. Don’t go shopping when your stomach is empty

When you are hungry, you are prone to crave for foods that are not good for your health all around. Once you are ready to go out shopping, make sure to pick a healthy snack so you won’t be tempted to buy junk food on impulse.

  1. Source out your protein from sources other than meat

Meat is quite expensive. If you choose to depend your entire protein requirement from meat, you are likely to spend a good sum. As an alternative, look into legumes, eggs, canned fish, and other cheaper choices.

  1. Grow some crops

If you have a green thumb, you may opt to plant herbs, tomatoes, sprouts, and other produce for your own consumption. This way, you will have continuous supply minus the continuous cost.

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