New Cutting-Edge Laser Therapy for Tattoo Removal in Sydney

One out of 5 individuals regretted ever having a tattoo while 2 out of 5 individuals have gone out of their way to have their tattoos removed. Many do not want to have their tattoos removed simply because it is often a lot more difficult to remove a tattoo than to put one, often leading to a variety of skin discoloration. However, there is a brand new type of laser tattoo removal in Sydney that uses state-of-the-art ultra-short pulses of concentrated light particles that are designed to break down the molecules of the tattoo ink and allow it to be absorbed by the body faster and more efficiently.

tattoo_removal2More and more individuals are now looking for this brand new laser tattoo removal technology that uses ultra-short bursts of intense pulsed light to break the in molecules. Each pulse of the technology measures an incredible one trillionth of a second or a picosecond. Aptly called the PicoSure, the technology is being hailed by many individuals in Sydney as well as in other parts of the world especially in the US where the technology originated as one great and truly innovative skin treatment that addresses two concerns related to tattoo removal: clearance and recovery time.

The picosecond laser treatment is different from other laser treatments because it does not use thermal energy to destroy the ink molecules. The Q-Switched laser has been extensively used as the gold standard of laser tattoo removal in Sydney. However, treatments required more treatment sessions in addition to the risk of scarring from burnt tissues. Additionally, traditional laser tattoo removal treatments have been shown to be ineffective in really removing the tattoo, often leaving tattoo marks. It is for this reason that many are now considering the picosecond pulsed light treatment technology as simply heaven-sent.

People who are looking for the best tattoo removal can surely benefit from the advantages of picosecond laser treatments. The ink molecules are broken down a lot faster and into smaller particles that allows for the faster and more efficient absorption by the body. The effect is that tattoos are more efficiently removed for a much cleaner post-tattoo appearance. Since the ink molecules are readily absorbed, it does not require too many treatment sessions that should translate to better savings.

However, since the technology is relatively new, it is still recommended to ask for more information from your doctor who will perform the laser tattoo removal in Sydney. At the very least, you will feel much more confident about your tattoo removal efforts.

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