Online Pharmacy: It Could Save Your Health and Finances

pharmacy1Are you struggling with an illness that requires the use of expensive medicines? Then you’ve come to the right place. There is the secret that your doctor at the popular hospital or the chemist at a well-known pharmacy company is not telling you. Did you know that you can practically pay for about less than half the price of your medications?

The ugly truth

You see, many doctors make extra money by working alongside pharmacy partners. Have you ever wondered why there is a need for medical representatives? Okay, this subject is not for the faint of heart. Some doctors might even forbid this from being discussed publicly because of the negative implications. However, we care about your best interest so we are letting you in to some juicy information.

Now, let’s go back to the subject about medical representatives. How do you think these people work? They sell medicines, medical supply or medical equipment. Who recommends them to patients or make use of the equipment? The doctors of course! While you may think that medical representatives only sell their products to hospitals or pharmacies, they still need to lobby with the doctors. The doctors in turn prescribe these to their patients. Now we are not privy to the agreement made between the two parties but we are sure that you already get the picture. You buy the expensive medical products because your doctor told you to do so. You willingly give in to his recommendation because you thought that this was the only solution available to you.

The thing that they are not telling you

But you see, there is one thing that your doctor might have omitted when he was writing your prescription – you can buy cheaper alternatives. Just ask a chemist and he/she will most probably tell you about generic names. The expensive stuff that pharmaceutical companies sell at steep prices cost a lot less when you buy the generic kinds. Many doctors won’t tell you that cheaper alternatives are available at a discount pharmacy.  Now, there will be pharmaceutical companies that will say that their products are a lot better – well, chemical compositions say otherwise. The branded ones will be the same with that of their generic kinds. Of course, people believe them – credit all goes to none other than expensive marketing.

Purchasing discount medicines

Okay, enough with the talk about that of a medical representative, doctor, or chemist. Let’s talk about how you can get these cheaper alternatives. Have you ever heard of online shopping? You can also do that now with your medicines. You can get this from a pharmacy online. These businesses will have their own pharmacists so you can rest easy that they can recommend the alternatives for you. Just a reminder though – be ready with your prescription since they will require this for prescription medicines.

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