Simplify Living with these Life Hacks

Life hacks are man’s answers to the evolving demands of the modern society. When the world is growing more complicated to tackle, these are some tips and tricks that could help you go by just fine. Keep these up your sleeves. You’ll never know when they will come handy to save the day.

If you need to cut a cake evenly and perfectly, shun the knife and take out a thread of dental floss.

To take away the headache of peeling the shell from a boiling egg, add a teaspoon of baking soda as you cook it.37

Wrap some paper towel onto your glass bottle before putting it in the freezer to cool it within two minutes.

Irritated with the mess that spilled over boil makes in your stove? Place a wooden spoon on your pot whenever you are boiling food.

No need to suffer from injuries caused by a hammer hitting your fingers instead of the nail. Hold the nail with a clothespin to improve your aim while keeping your fingers safe.

Take out some old newspapers and stack them at the bottom of your garbage bin. That will help absorb juices from trash, especially from food scraps.

If you want your phone to charge faster, put it on “Airplane” mode.

The bones in your buffalo wings will come off easily if you will only twist the meat, holding the bone at one section and meat at the other end, then pulling the bones one by one.

Find the end of a tape easily with the use of a single paper clip.

Pour in half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda in a clogged sink. When the froth comes off, your pipes will drain easily by clearing off the blockage.

So as not to mess the lid of your paint tin can, put a rubber band over the top. That’s where you will brush off excess paint before applying it elsewhere.

If there is a container that is impossible to fill from the sink, use a dustpan to funnel water onto a carefully positioned container.

Use the bottom end of a post-it note, the one with the sticky side, to clean dirt off your keyboards. Simply run it in between keys to pick up all the dust that have settled.

It is good to know practical means of simplifying your life. Just when you thought everything in this world has become too complicated to deal with, and here comes some useful notes that tell you otherwise. These brilliant tricks can boost your productivity and lessen your stress.

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