Experience the Authentic: Lebanese Cuisine

Just because you’re in a different country doesn’t mean your dinner should be limited to local dishes. It’s a universal truth; no matter where you are, some days you just crave Japanese or French cuisine more than your usual dinner platter. There’s a certain taste you look for, like Lebanese food for the best chicken and chips.

Not to say that other blends aren’t as good, but there are certain flavours Levantine cooking styles bring to the table. Lebanese food also comes with a number of good platters that’s good for your health. It incorporates a lot of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Cholesterol intake also drops down compared to your typical method of cooking with butter and fats since this particular style of cooking uses olive oil more often than its alternatives. With protein, animal fat is often used sparingly, often including seafood instead. Since poultry is often used more than red meat (it is, after all, a Mediterranean cuisine), they have a lot of variation for you to choose the best chicken and chips from.

lebanese_au3Compared to deep-frying poultry, roasting and grilling are significantly better for your health since they take away fat from food as it cooks without any additional requirements. Indirect, dry heat method of cooking also draws out the flavour more, especially when paired with a good sauce. Sautees also develop rich, complex aromas and flavours when done over charcoal. Chicken in Granville come as varied as the region the cooking style comes from, but Levantine ones are definitely among one of the best.

Because of the emphasis on blending fresh herbs and spices, eating Lebanese food is an experience all by itself. Authentic Lebanese food in Sydney should taste as colourful as it looks. Every spice contributes to the whole blend, and while the majority of the cuisine depends largely on the seasonal availability of its ingredients, it definitely shows when it hits the palette.

At the end of the day, the right restaurant turns the best chicken and chips into something that’s more than a meal. At its root, each dish represents a culture. The utilization and harmony of ingredients show off the different climate and lifestyles each region has; the use of certain ingredients more than the others such as poultry reflects the religious beliefs and practices passed down through generations, and unknowingly becomes a good choice of food for veganism, practising devouts, and health buffs in general. At the end of your dining experience, you’d be able to understand and celebrate the differences in cultures that brought such varied takes on everything, making the world far more interesting.

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