Locker Solutions in Sydney and Australia – There’s More Than the Usual Metal Lockers

We’re used to metal lockers however, locker solutions aren’t limited to metal lockers only. Top brands and manufacturers like compactus have a wide range of locker systems and you’re in for a big surprise knowing there are many types and models for every storage need.

Full size lockers

lockers_solutions2Full size lockers are the most popular locker model. Compactus full size lockers measure about 1800mm in height and are suitable for many applications and come in single units or in groups of two or three. This type of locker is applicable for use in schools, services facilities, retail and gyms or emergency facilities. Most of this model has multiple locks options and compartment configurations.  Lockers in Sydney usually offer customized full size lockers with particular color schemes, accessories, and installation options. All locker solutions across Australia make sure their lockers have the standard safety protection and coatings ensure 100% germ contamination-free especially the units used in schools so that risks of germ passed on around are reduced or totally eliminated.

Small lockers

Small lockers are locker solutions for small items storage like wallets, mobile phones, keys, and cameras. Most of this type of locker is for use in hotels and accommodation facilities, food and drinks and retails. The standard measurement is about 915 mm in height and usually mounted on walls. Small lockers are best storage solutions for items that are not permitted or need to be left in secure offices or as added amenity for guests’ safekeeping in theme parks or hospitality facilities.

Staff lockers

Staff lockers are for storing personal possessions of workers during the working shift. Compactus staff lockers can be installed in staff rooms and come with additional shelves for extra storage, hanging rails and compartments especially for uniforms or workplace garments. Staff lockers also provide storage solutions for dirty and clean clothing to avoid contamination. Staff lockers are used in healthcare facilities and food and drink production sectors. Extra health and bacteria protections are applied in this type of locker to reduce bacteria cross contamination and in keeping sensitive staff rooms safe and hygienic.

Crew lockers

Crew lockers are locker solutions for large volume of lockers or storage of bulky items like uniform, boots, equipments, and personal possessions. This type of model serves the storage needs of facilities like military, sports clubs and gyms, and it usually has reinforced and stiffened doors for extra strength and for protection from forced entry. Lockers for sale of this type have multi-locks and in-framing locking for added security.

Lockers are not just metal storage we’re used to but of different models and types made to serve all storage needs.

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