Sandy Beach and Romantic Sunset? Enjoy Both at Gili islands

Gili islands allow you to step into world’s finest sandy beach and there you’ll enjoy romantic sunset with a significant other or all by yourself. The islands have wealth of bar discos and restaurants that are just a few walks from your hotel or beach cottage that when compared to luxury Lombok accommodation, you got a better deal.

Gili Trawangan

view of the beach with chairs and umbrellasIt is not just an island but a haven for sandy beach experience. It is the party island with rows and rows of bars and restaurants with live band and discos. The beach gets one into night partying and some idyllic sandy beach strolling or adventurous snorkeling and diving. Book a Lombok accommodation and skip into Gili Trawangan for some nice diving adventures. Gili Trawangan has the most impressive underwater world. If you’re a diving fanatic, the Island won’t disappoint you. You can easily book dive trips as hotels and accommodation in Gili Islands handles booking for their guests.  For the romantic escapade, Gili Trawangan’s sunset sets the mood. The sky turns into a beautiful mix of orange, pink, and purplish-blue that prods ordering some drinks while enjoying the magnificent sunset. Take the swing and have your photo taken amidst the Ombak Sunset or just chill by the beach or go biking or horse riding. Gili Trawangan offers a lot of beach adventures that beach fanatics won’t dare miss. A room on a beachfront hotel with stunning balcony allows you to enjoy the sunset if you feel a bit lazy going out.

Gili Meno

If you are after some soul-searching, skid to Gili Meno from your Lombok accommodation, enjoy barefoot walking on the lonely dreamy beaches. You can also rent a bike and take the path along the sandy Meno beaches. Meno is the least crowded among the Gili islands but it is also has the dreamy beaches better than those in Lombok. The beach has packs of bars and restaurant where you can enjoy live music such as Reggae classics or some jamming sessions with local singers. There’s a Turtle sanctuary to get a glimpse of baby turtles readying for a set out on the beach and Bird Parks hosting wild birds such as Pelicans, eagles and peacocks. From Gili Trawangan or from Gili Trawangan accommodations, you can explore Meno for quiet sandy walks or horse riding.

In between enjoying the beach and the sunset, you can have fun witnessing Indonesia’s traditional dances or fights like the Stick fights or enjoy beach foods like Satay and Nasi Campur. Gili Islands have lots to offer other than the beach but as always, it is the beach that makes the island worth of your time and money.

Spend a night or two in Gili islands and experience an exceptional stay. Book at

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