Tattoo Removal in Australia – Now Offering Pico Technology on Tattoo Removal

The latest on laser tattoo removal is using picosecond aesthetics laser or picosure. The treatment offers skin revitalization with long-lasting result and with the least downtime. The good news, this laser tattoo removal is available in many skin treatment clinics and tattoo removal shops in Australia.

What laser tattoo removal using pico does?

tatt_removal2Tattoo is done by making thousands of tiny pricks in the skin. Tattoo artists use handheld machine with needles. The ink has to get into the dermis, which is underneath layer of the skin in order for the tattoo to be permanent. When the depth is too shallow, and only has penetrated the epidermis, the ink is more likely to bleed out. Such tattoos tend to fade easily and might turn into ugly thing on skin. This is where laser tattoo removal is helpful. It helps erase the ugly tattoo and to give off clearer skin. PICO is the latest technology in erasing tattoo. The technology delivers ultra short picoseconds pulses of energy into the skin layers like the dermis. The big difference is that it only targets the ink and avoids the unaffected skin areas. The Pico waves shatter the ink into dust-like particles that are easier for the body to eliminate. The technology allows clearer skin and without any damage to surrounding skin.

Is pico technology safe?

Pico is the safest technology and the most effective in tattoo removal. There is least downtime compared to other tattoo treatments and mostly skin oozing, skin crushing, and minimal bleeding after treatment are reported. Many tattoo shops in Australia such as laser tattoo removal in MacArthur  are now using pico technology and Australians now have something to turn to when wanting to erase their hard-to-treat tattoo colors. The pico technology is proven to work well on green and blue inks, which are the hardest to erase ink colors. Tattoo removal in Campbell Town can now offer quick and fast removal and tattoo cleaning with the pico technology as it only gets done in just three treatments. Pico technology also works well in erasing benign pigmented lesions. There’s also no report of complications from burning or skin darkening or lightening.

If you’re problematic about your ugly and fading tattoo or wanting to get rid any permanent body tattoo, you can now go to any skin clinic in Australia offering tattoo erasing treatment and with PICO technology, you’ll get the best option.

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Tattoo Removal in Australia - Now Offering Pico Technology on Tattoo Removal, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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