3 Eating Habits to Accelerate Your Weight Loss Goals

Fitness is at the heart of every Australian citizen. And this has fueled a booming industry in gym and fitness classes, sports camps, wellness hubs, and even healthy food delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, and other key cities all over the country. A 2016 report from Fitness Australia highlighted that fitness centers and gyms grew from 667 to a little over 800, raking in an industry-wide income from close to AU$300 million to AU$ 679 million. The COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed down the growth in this sector, but Australians remain committed to their health in many other ways.

Doing workout routines from home and ordering premade meal deliveries are two of the most popular options today to stay healthy and fit. But while “proper diet and exercise” remains to be the so-called golden rule, it may take more than that in order to achieve significant weight loss goals during a pandemic. With limited access to the gym and other physical activities, Australians turn to their eating habits. 

Increase protein intake

Macronutrients are basically composed of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. These “macros” play a vital role in nutrition and dieting. Ratios may vary depending on the diet but as a general rule to weight loss, carbs have the least amount while protein and fat get more. Protein is very important in weight loss as it helps your body build more muscle and curb hunger better than carbs. There are healthy food delivery options in Sydney that can give you a protein-packed meal and within weeks, you may see significant improvements in your weight.

Don’t skip the fat

Another macronutrient that deserves attention is fat. Over the decades, fat has been ‘demonized’ as the cause of many diseases including obesity and cancer. It ushered in an era of “fat-free” products which did not really help in addressing the increasing cases of obesity in the US. The truth however is, fat is actually integral in nutrition and it depends on the kind of fat you are consuming. When you get your meal delivery in Sydney or any other place in Australia, it is important to check for healthy fats, particularly omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These can be found in fish like salmon, mackerel, anchovies, herrings, etc…

Eat the rainbow

Lastly, check for the micronutrients that you consume. These are the vitamins and nutrients found in many vegetables and fruits. As a rule of thumb, “eating the rainbow” or consuming foods rich in different vitamins and minerals can assist in a healthier and more effective weight loss journey. Make sure that when you order healthy food delivery in Sydney, you have a good portion of veggies and fruits!

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