Citizens Concerned for Western Sydney’s Condition

The West of Sydney seems as though it is facing a huge problem under its current administration’s watch. For that reason, its citizens are starting to demand a plan for growing Sydney. However, it looks like the council has nothing up in its sleeves yet.

It has been quite some time since Western Sydney had chosen its new councilors who were supposed to make bigger changes in the city. But it looks like the new panel from last year’s Parramatta council elections has not done something that would really change the state of the city.

sydney_comm1Just recently, reports made rounds that West Sydney is still facing problems in its population and airport. Its citizens’ population is so huge that it needs to be resolved right away. Also, West Sydney’s airport is in need of a better development program. Such issue resulted to concerned citizens who are now demanding reforms.  A discussion paper has now been passed to leaders of the sectors at Western Sydney University in Parramatta City.

Titled “Governance Reform for Growth,” the discussion paper talks about the current problems that Western Sydney is facing – like the overpopulation in the city, as well as the issues that the city’s airport that needs resolutions as soon as possible. The paper also discussed how the council should come up with a plan for growing Sydney. One of the plans that they suggested is to start weeding out the corruption in the government. The paper also suggested a way to strengthen the council even more – and that is by creating another body that resembles the Central City Planning Committee. A new law that might help improve Sydney’s western part all the more was also proposed in the said paper that suggest a plan for growing Sydney.

100 sector leaders from Western Sydney University have received the said eye-opening discussion paper. However, none of the members of the government has commented on this yet as none of the elected 2017 Parramatta council members received it. The paper did not reach any other politician as well.

Even so, the suggestions written on the said discussion paper received a nod from the chairman of the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue, Christopher Brown, and the director of Sydney Business Chamber, David Borger. For Brown, he believes that the region needs to be “a beacon for best practice” and not “a sanctuary for spivs.” On the other hand, Borger thinks that the eye-opener paper could serve as a way to encourage “quality candidates” who are aware of the importance of their position in the government.

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