Coping with Diabetes

People with diabetes tend to gain weight, and to cope with the disease is difficult. If not effectively treated, diabetes can be life threatening. When diabetes is complicated by obesity, medical complications can be intimidating. This is why many people with diabetes tend to be extremely careful about what they eat. Many turn to local clinics or the Internet to gather information on health tips for Diabetic patients. hypoglycemia

No food is out of bounds for diabetics, but what he really needs is moderation in his food intake. The objective of the scheme is to ensure that the blood sugar is maintained at a stable level. When this is the main objective, the diabetic should be especially careful about his carbohydrate intake.

Here are some health tips for people with diabetes

Exercise: Exercise helps to improve the way your body uses insulin. By exercising you help your body to burn fat and build muscle. Low fat levels also help lower blood pressure to normal ranges and reduce your risk of heart disease. You will also get the added benefits of more energy and strength. If your sugar levels in the blood are very high, always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

The glycemic food index: Glycemic food Index is a graph that shows the amount of insulin in involved in digestion. It shows how a food of carbohydrate-type increases the rate of glucose in the blood. Foods with a high glycemic index are unhealthy choices for diabetics. You have to plan your meals within foods that have a low to medium glycemic index. Balance high GI foods with low GI foods to balance the meal. Low GI foods are good choices and include non-starchy vegetables and whole grain breads. Protein foods such as meats and fats do not have a GI index because they do not contain carbohydrates. There are many reasons to believe that diabetes is a modern disease mainly caused by diet and lifestyle in form of type 2.

Resveratrol: The skin of red grapes contains a powerful substance called “resveratrol”. These polyphenols help control glucose levels in the body. What does this do? It prevents Spiking sugar levels in the blood which is what diabetics experience as part of the disease. Nutritionists recommend a glass of wine with dinner or supplementing with high quality resveratrol capsules. Research indicates that Type 2 diabetes is directly related to the amount of fat is in the bloodstream. The higher the fat the more likely diabetes can develop. It seems that resveratrol counteracts the fat and allows the insulin to function properly.

Other helpful foods: Turmeric: This popular Indian spice curry is similar in flavor. Turmeric has been studied extensively and it seems to be beneficial to health in many ways. It may be useful for diabetes, as well as having liver cleansing properties. The main ingredient of turmeric, known as “curcumin” is what holds the key to the powerful benefits of turmeric. You can add this spice to your meat and rice dishes. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish may also be useful. Best fish for omega-3s include salmon, tuna and mackerel.

Diabetic Diet provides detailed information on health tips for Diabetic patients, diabetic weight loss diets and more.

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