Electrophysiology in Heart Disease: What to Expect

With heart disease being the number one killer in the world, medical experts do not stop developing studies that could help manage the problem. One of the fruits of such discoveries is electrophysiology, which your cardiologist Sydney may suggest to help determine the root cause of your illness as well as the best treatment required.

As you may know, heart disease is classified differently and may be treated depending on your case. That is why it is very important that you are working closely with a professional that will guide you through the entire process from diagnosis to therapy, and management. An expert cardiologist Sydney should have lots of experience in the field to properly identify what is causing your abnormal heart function and what is the best device or medication treatment to cure it.

Why Should you Undergo an Electrophysiology Test?

depositphotos_61615259_s-2015Electrophysiology is primarily a test or study done to determine a patient’s case. It checks on the root cause of the abnormal heart rhythm first. Then, a few different medications will be used while you are closely monitored by your cardiologist Sydney. This is done to decide the best treatment that may be used in your case.


Special precautions

Before an electrophysiology test may be done, you might need to stop several medications that you are currently taking. This may be requested at least five days prior the scheduled treatment. If in case you are treating diabetes, you must ask your doctor what needs to be done so you can control your sugar levels without medication.

On the midnight before the test will be conducted, food and water intake are prohibited. You should also remember to wear comfortable clothing when you come to the hospital to meet with an electrophysiologist Sydney. Your doctor will decide if you will be allowed to go home after the procedure or you will need to stay for the night. In any case, you should never come to the hospital without a companion.

What to expect

The electrophysiology test is done in a medical facility with the help of an expert Sydney cardiologist. You will be started with an IV (intravenous) line, connected to several monitors, and be given a medication to keep you relaxed and may make you drowsy. There are catheters that will be inserted underneath your skin towards the veins that are threaded to your heart. A pacemaker will be attached to you to check on the electrical impulses in your heart, which will help your electrophysiologist determine your symptoms.

Through the EP test, improved chances of managing heart disease can be enjoyed.


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