Health Guide on Choosing Wholesome Foods

Switching to the old way of eating seems like the grind for those who want to live a healthier life. The fact that people from before were able to hit the 100-year-old mark without so much effort can attest to that.

 What’s the “old way of eating”? It is eating food closest to their natural form as much as possible. Forget about the industry benefits of food processing. They are taking a toll on this generation, introducing various types of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. What you should really focus on, if you want eating to nourish you instead of causing harm, is to take food to your mouth before they pick up any chemical or go through any kind of

 Food swaps you should start making now

 Smarter food choices are keys to healthy eating; to improving your wellness level and avoiding illnesses. Here are some examples of wholesome foods you should start picking on:

 Whole grains – Brown rice instead of white; whole wheat flour instead of white flour etc. Refined grains contain bad carbs that fill you up but digest easily, causing your blood sugar levels and your energy to shoot up. As per whole grains, they keep you feeling full longer, stabilize your blood sugar and energy levels, and are packed with antioxidants that can help protect your body against the free radicals. Other whole grain choices include quinoa, barley, and whole wheat flour, pastas, and breads.

 Fruits and vegetables – There are many available substitutes in the grocery store or supermarket and they are all processed. To retain the goodness in the fruit and veggie variety, make sure that you pick only the natural, organic kind. A bag of potato chips is no match to a freshly baked potato, even in the taste aspect. You know, it is just a matter of perspective.

 Clean meat – Clean meat that’s free from fats, preservatives, and flavorings are definitely healthier. When we say clean, we also mean the lean and white kind. Skinless chicken breasts and other lean meat choices will fill in your cravings alright but will not load you up with the bad element. If you need more protein sources, you can very well take your attention towards the plant-based kind, like beans and nuts and soy. You may also use fish as a substitute.

 Taking the road less travelled, the road towards organic food items and ingredients, is a great way to achieve a clean bill of health. Deprivation is out of the question. For as long as you choose to adapt the “whole foods diet”, which is all about rounding up foods from the ground to your stomach, you would not have to mind about counting calories that much.

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