How Digital Publishing Has Changed the Face of the News Industry

The internet has redefined everything that we have known to be true in the past. For example, instead of hard bound books and periodicals, digital publishing has pretty much taken over. Nothing to complain about, the digital version of books and magazines have made them more affordable and easier to produce.

digital_pub2Imagine how time consuming it was to come up with a single newspaper issue in the past. The stories were encoded, laid out manually, type set and proofread before a template is created. This template must be rushed to the printing presses because it takes time to print several hundred thousand editions of a newspaper. These are then brought to a plane where it is flown to different parts of the county so that the newspapers hit the doorstep by dawn. Imagine how much time and manpower is needed to continue that kind of work flow, day in and day out, 365 days a year.

Here comes the age of digital publishing. Now your newspaper is accessible to you any time of the day, minus the paper copy you need to be holding and folding while sitting at the subway or bus. There are plenty of pleasant changes. For one, you don’t need to wait for dawn to receive the freshest news and read your favorite newspaper columns. Everything is updated in real time and you receive the news as they break.

Second, you don’t need to cut down trees and consume a lot of resources. The digital edition has done away with the need for bulky printing presses and expensive equipment – first and foremost of which is paper. Think of how much beneficial to the environment this is. Third, manpower. An entire newspaper or media outfit, used to employ hundreds or thousands of people. You have encoders, typesetters, lay out artists, photographers and so on. Nowadays, you will need a writer, an editor, and programmer or webmaster that will ensure the site stays live 24/7. The writers themselves can upload the article and the layout is automatically done with an online magazine software are pre-set template. After only a few clicks, you already have a live and ready to read article.

Because the updates are done online, location is also no longer a problem. You can have correspondents from different parts of the world using your online platform, thereby allowing you to deliver news from anywhere in the world. Language translation also allows this to be read in their native tongues. The newspapers (or magazine) can also be delivered in different formats. Some just use software such as flipbook maker to make this possible.

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