The Best App Category to Launch Your Digital Campaign

The COVID-19 Pandemic is dramatically changing the way we do business today. The economy has been hit hard and it is forcing Australian businesses to adapt to the digital world. This is now generating an increasing demand for website and app developers in Sydney, Melbourne, and other key cities. According to ARN, in 2018 iOS users in Australia have increased to 8.6 million while Android users were at 10.3 million. The pandemic has surely pushed up these numbers as android and iOS app development is being seriously considered by many companies and small to medium enterprises or SMEs today.

Apps play a vital role today in allowing a business to set up shop right at the smartphone screens of consumers. Statista reports that over 21.3 billion apps were downloaded on Google Play 2019 alone. While Apple’s App Store has registered the most number of profits based on consumer spending on app stores. If you’re a business that’s new to this, consider this app category to launch your brand or product with the help of app developers in Sydney.

Lifestyle app downloads are garnering a lot of attention from smartphone users because it helps digitize an aspect of the lifestyle the user follows. These are apps that range from fitness to fashion, food to the arts. Lifestyle apps help users enhance the lifestyle they live or make it easier through digital means. App development companies have been doing this for years so it’s not really something new.

One very successful example of lifestyle apps is Nike Run Club and MyFitnessPal. Nike Run Club has been around for almost a decade and it is one of the best running apps today. It has close to 30 million active users which gamifies running and overall general fitness. While it’s a strong marketing tool for their shoes and apparel, it goes beyond selling products. Nike Run Club promotes a lifestyle centered on running so it does not only attract runners but is able to inspire others to run as well while keeping it free.

Under Armour on the other hand took a different approach and focused on an app that would help users keep track of their food intake and weight goals using MyFitnessPal. Under Armour is best known for its sports apparel but it made a strategic decision to enter the food and nutrition category. It did not follow Nike and instead, carved its own path of followers that have now over 40 million. A lot of people have sworn over the app’s effectiveness in being able to either help them lose, maintain, or gain weight.

While both lifestyle apps have their own purpose, they target the same market – fitness buffs. The same phenomenon can be observed in other niches: from music to fashion and so on. If you’re new in the business, app developers in Sydney will tell you to go beyond your brand or product because selling a lifestyle is the new way to sell. And what better way to do it than to make an app!

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